Chances of getting anticipatory bail

My wife is a patient of Paranoid Schizophrenia on treatment since 2001, I have 2 daughters, the elder one is married, and the younger one is studying in 1st yr MBBS. She was stuff from Shared Delusions from her mother, for which she was admitted in a Psychiatric Hospital in 2012 for more than one month, she was advised not to get too close to her mother for fear of relapse.Last yr. she studied and remained at home for 1yr and she again came in close contact with her mother.She instigated by her mother filed a case of sexual molestation against me on 3rd Dec.2014. My wife filed a case under 498A in 2011. She was admitted to Govt Psychiatric Hospital on order of CJM based on an application filed by her mother (my mother in law ), after being treated she came back to our house and withdrew the case having no allegations against me. Now she has done this in collusion/using our younger daughter. My elder daughter has vehemently denied this as she was at home and not married during the time of the alleged incident.