Humiliation and mental torture

Hello all I had a arrange marriage in 2017. We haven't taken any dowry as we are against it. My wife use to work in home town and we were told after 2 months she will be transferred to my city. We had very limited gathering in marriage. I did take only 20 member's of my family to marriage. After marriage she did come to my House for 1 week.. there after she used to come twice a month to me for 24 hours which was until April 2018. Then she stayed with me for 6 month's things did not work because she had many ego attitude, no respect for elders. On marriage date she denied to consume telling this marriage was done forcefully.. she was not ready for the marriage and she needs time of 5 to 8 years to consume the marriage... She is very much introvert person who loves to be alone... I did made plans holiday's but none succeeded because of her job but it worked for her when she had functions in her family... This put a question in my mind... She has been forcing to be seperated from family even my in-laws forcing me to get separated from family... I tried several times to save marrige...But she and her family is not willing to... It's been 18 months we aren't together and no communication at all.. Her family keeps on calling and forcing me to be separated... Her family now started humiliating my parents they know my weakness is my parents.. There was no transaction of any goods, money,gold,or dowry yet now they are threatening me... I feel very much humiliated harassed... They keep calling every week as per their mood ... I am really feel bad for my parents they have never faced such harassment ans humiliation.. I could not see them crying... I have the recordings of the calls to be on safer side Please advise how can I get rid of all this I am not as rich as they are