encroachment of land and constructing boundaries

While I was away in Gulf my relatives had encroached my land worth over 10 cents and made stone boundaries. I filed a suit in a Munsiff court and my lawyer after keeping the file with him for 2 years, sent me to another lawyer. He also did not show and keenness and kept the case for 3 years. In between I approached the High Court to expedite the case. Upon receiving the High Court Order, and presumably with the Munsiff's private meeting, the current lawyer compelled me to withdraw the case and he said chances are dim to win the case. Meantime the case has been transferred to another lawyer who showed some eagerness to take up the case. The last request made to the court was to keep a surveyor and get a survey report of the land. The munsiff dismissed the case stating the time taken was too much. Under this circumstance, there is every likelyhood of dismissing jmy case. In this case, what would be next option as I am cent percent certain that my missing land is with the relatives who are occupying the adjacent land................Your legal opinion is solicited.