Expert advice on filing Case for not providing Experience letter

Hello, I am looking for the expert legal advice on filing a labour case against one of my previous employer. I resigned on 17th May 2011( Off-line and On-line). Despite several repeated request to the management, I was not issued any acceptance letter nor I was issued/shown any copy of the company norms despite of several repeated request to the management. ( detailed scenario mentioned in the reference mails provided below ) In the end my office system was locked and they have taken out the internet connectivity but I didn't get the resignation acceptance and the release date, So eventually I had to walk out informing the decision to "Relieve myself with immediate effect to the organisation management" around 30th May 2011. I have the original mail of resignation which was sent to the management and as well as the mail informing the decision about "relieving myself with immediate effect" and also the original offer letter/appointment letter and payslip and the salary account statement/passbook. After that I requested the management many times about the relieving letter on telephone and in-person but all in vein. Recently, again I have started a mail thread requesting the management to provide the "Relieving Certificate / Experience Letter". Now I wish to file a case against them for the non issue of experience letter, unprofessional practices and damages for causing mental harassment. I am looking for the expert advice to file a labour case against one of my previous employer for the experience certificate, damages for causing mental harassment and for the unprofessional practices. I have masked the organization names and person names except mine in below mails. Letter to inform separation ( RESIGNATION ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 messages Sambhav <> Tue, May 17, 2011 at 4:20 PM To: Cc: [deleted] Dear Sir, Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation. Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from ####?India?. The associations I've made during my employment here will truly be memorable for years to come. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the projects I have been working on. Also I am available to tie up any loose ends if there is need of it. Thank you very much for providing golden opportunity to be part of your organization. Regards KumarSambhav Pandey ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************************************************************************** Letter to Inform separation with immediate effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kumarsambhav pandey <[deleted]> Mon, May 30, 2011 at 2:28 PM To: ########<>, ########<####.####@####>, ####Support <>, ########<>, #### <>, Cc:, sambhav pandey <[deleted]> FROM : KUMARSAMBHAV PANDEY TO: Mr. ####(Director), Mr. ####(Incharge Admin), MR. ####(Group Leader, SSG), Ms. ####(HR) Dear All, This is with reference to the resignation submitted on 17.05.2011 to the management, I wish to submit that in spite of my repeated requests, I have not been issued any kind of acceptance letter with confirmed date of my release and as a result I am not able to make any commitment to the company I wish to join. At the same time I want to make a point that I have no pending projects from my side as discussed with my team mentor and group leader. I also wish to mention that I have not been issued/shown any copy of the company norms despite of several repeated request to the management. Also my company emailid and internet connection has been blocked and I am left with no work at all. Even repeated attempts to communicate with the management resulted in failure leaving me with the option to relieve myself with immediate effect. As asked by admin and already communicated before, I am ready to pay the compensation as per the terms agreed at the time of my joining and hence request you to inform me the exact amount so that I can submit the cheque for the same making it easier to you to relieve me from your esteemed organization with an immediate effect. Also if you have any questions or queries for the above or about any projects concerned with me please feel free to contact me on the below emailid or mobile number. Warm Regards Kumar Sambhav Pandey Copy to: Mr. ####(Chairman) KumarSambhav Pandey ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KumarSambhav Pandey