opnion against a false harashment fir against me

Respected sir, My name is prasad lokhande a navi mumbai resident owing a transport business since last 6years in mumbai..yesterday as a daily routine i finished my work in andheri(saki naka)and was on my way to home with my friend i mate in morning while going to andheri fr work n as a we mate after bit long time i asked him to accompany me as he ws free, we took a stop near ghatkopar depo to make a call for further shedule work fr which i ws already late..bt as ws on my two Wheeler(suzuki access) i just droped side stand n turned my back towards the highway n my frnd still sitting in same pisition facing towards way to panvel highway a family of three (mother, daughte & younger brother) walking by passed us (boy through my front n others frm my back and frnds right hand side) suddenly i heard womens voice “koni haat marla tula? ” n i turned back to see that they were about 5,6 steps away n return towards us, claming tht my friend touched her doughters hand as she complained her.Trying to convince her without even knowing wht happend as she ws giving bad words with sandle in one hand attracting near by walkers my frnd continously askin respectfully to avoid bad words n requesting to call police which ws neverheard by her n mob my friend some how managed to escape n ran away mean while handaling mob i handed my bikes key to a aged person present in the mob requested him accompanie me ttonear police station to solve the matter which he excepted after i convinced mob by talking to my frnd asking his where about where in Rutern my frnd replied to mthe man n the mob to accompany me to pantnagar police station where he ws comming asuming tht police would help us out.. As we reached police station women stated tht she wnts to clear the matter outside n dnt want police to interfere mean while someone frm mob took my frnd inside and the women fallowed him.now i ws a bit tensn free bt not for a single min pass n i noticed tht as soon as she stated what she ws claming nw making a bit change (my frnd catteched her daughter hand) officerwriting down her fir n others officers bitting my frnd in the office like tthey already know tht he is criminal.. they ddnt ask a single question nor were ready to hear him. Nw comes my turn as i ws called in by officer,as i entered office i too ws pushed inside a area where my frnd ws sitting with criminals, the lady told poluce tht i wsnt involved and dsnt hv any cmplaint against me.. Timing ws around 8.30 nw n lady ws asked to go home n we wre forced to b silent till 12.30am where i ws in a terrible situation as ws worred abt my family name and ws nt attending thera calls... Nowvthey askeasked for fine 1200 each to realese us bt nw i questioned one of the officer tht y should i pay the fine n y were we been kept there fr so long as i noticed it ws the money they were looking fr frm every person in there... I refused to pay police answered my question that ok i dnt hv need to pay bt wll hv to pay fr my frnd as he harrassed the girl.. Some how i managed to reduced the amt to 500rs we were realeased at late 2.00am n i reached home by 4.30am n found a horrible situation to ans my where abours to my wife n mother... Plz advice me if i can get relife by acting on this one legelly and how do i do so..