Open parking

Hi, I have recently purchased a flat in one of the coop hsg sCTY IN mumbai. At the time of purchasing the flat they have taken a NOC on a stamp paper that no parking will be allocated on reserved basis. They were not ready to allow the sale of flat if i refused to sign it and so i had no choice but sign it. But i did ask them that the parking is fair enough and equal rights are given to everyone. to this they did confirm it but everything verbal. After staying for a few months, it seems few old members are parking more than 1 car. i have following concerns and if you can address the same 1. old members park more than 1 cars and they still have upper hand when they have second car as they get on waitlist whereas we new members do not even have a stand to be on waitlist. As per the by laws each member should park only 1 car - should the society write back to these members to give back one parking 2. do i have a right to ask all the parking allocations allocated to members in my society 3. i was advised that NOCS are nullified if it is against the laws passed by the court. sO IF ANY MEMBERS ARE PARKING MORE TAHN 1 CARS, THEN THEY SHOULD NOT ASK ANY NEW MEMBERS FOR SUCH Nocs AS THEY THEMSELVES ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES. 4. recently on 6 Jan in Hindustan times and also in gujarathi newspaper they did mention that as per BMC, only 1 car should be parked by each member in the society and others needs to be outside by paying a charge on the road or in authorised parking lot. Can i get such a notification from somewhere and show it to the society that every member should park only 1 car. 5. Is it correct for a society to discriminate between old and new members and ask for such NOCs for not parking and old members gets the upper hand. 6. Recent meeting with the society committee about the parking issue, they were adamant on why i signed the NOC. All the above findings are later. 7. There are 3 building in the premises and societies are formed separately. once you enter the gate, they have a stretch of approx 25 cars to be parked which is on free basis (First come first). But people are misusing it as they park their other cars even 2 to 3 cars and the guards help them as they get money for it. I even requested the society if we allocate these parking spaces on fair basis with fair consensus from all three societies but society keeps neglecting it. Kindly advise and suggest as such discriminations should not happen Regards JD