Need advice regarding how to get back the amount

I have invested around 15L rupees in a property in Bangalore which is a joint venture by 2 builders, as the initial investment. The first builder has 65 % of the share and 2nd one has 35 % of the share to sell the total number of apartments constructed on the site. I have invested with the first builder. The builder ( here on the 1st builder) has made the sale agreement with me on a non-judician e-stamp paper mentioning the unit that I wish to purchase, exact location of the site, the date by which he is going to complete etc( he has taken around 2 years time), measurement of the apartment quoting the site details on which he wishes to build. Once the agreement was done, he is absconding. I was duped as till this phase everything was very transparent. Now that I know the guy, he is very influential with political influences etc. He is not picking up my phone, nor replying to my messages - sms, whatsapp etc. The project brochure also says that it is approved by a reputed bank. He is behaving weird now. I checked the genuinity of the stamp paper on which the agreement ws made.. It is genuine. Please guide me how to withdraw myself from this project. I am somehow feeling very scared to continue with this.