regarding maintenence to spouse

Hello Sir, I am raising below queries for my uncle. Please provide me a better solution. My Uncle and Aunt had a family dispute and she left the home and headed to her parents home one and half year back. She filed cases against my uncle and alleged him for domestic violation and not giving enough money. She alleged that my uncle is alcoholic and spend all its money on liquor. My uncle works with my father. Both of them runs a workshop. When we tried to talk to my aunt parents and brothers they asked us to deposit a huge amount of money on the name of my aunt and kids. Since we could not pay such amount we decided to fight the case and hired a advocate. Recently my uncle has been taken in front of judge and judge asked him to pay maintenance else he would be sent to jail. My uncle do not want to pay any maintenance and ready to go to jail for sometime. But i wanted to know for how long he will be kept in jail and once he is out of jail, what would happen next. Can she re-appeal and made him to go to jail again ? Thanks for your help. Thanks