Want divorce-My Wife and her parents threatening me and my family

Dear Lawyers, I need your help to guide us for the current situation where me and my family currently in . Actually my wife and her parents are threatening us to put us in jail because my wife fighting with us and not able to adjust in our family since we came from abroad . She fights after every 15 days or so and creates lot of panic in our house, also our neighbors know about it. She always fight on small small house issues and not able to adjust according to our house environment . She always say that i am not cooperative and not listen to her, even i fulfill all her basic needs, i give required money to her and also took her to shopping once in week ., and to her parents house once in a week .We stayed together in Canada for more than two years approx and first few months after marriage she was with me abroad and then she came back for her delivery after that again she came back and start fighting with me by telling for the small small issues she faced /experienced in my house and only less than a month she stayed with my parents out of 8 /9 months when she came in india and for rest of the period she stayed with her parents and done her delivery over there only. Regarding dowry we never ask her for the dowry but during marriage day they give us the joint FD or something like that amount in front of movie camera . I am telling you this because , Can they use it as proof of dowry.?? So kindly help me how we can protect us from this situation. And how i can take safe divorce from her and without any issue to me and my family.?? Secondly, what amount or anything i have to give my wife after divorce. ??? Thanks