wages and incentive

Hi, I have been working with one company for past 3 years and 3 months. I have worked with full dedication whereas i was working more than 10 hour everyday. everything was going good untill i resigned. I sent resignation to my employer on October with one month notice. I served notice and asked for payment but it has been not paid. my salary is Approx. 6 lakh PA which include 1 lac as a annual bonus and also 4% incentive for the business i have done in past on quarterly basis. I get approx 40K everymonth (incentive seprate) I have unpaid salary of 21 days as well as incentive pending for 3 quarters. I have the following questions. 1- I resigned through email which employer and served proper notice period never sent a reply but accepted the resignation verbally, i hope this can not be reason for stopping payment 2- I reminded employer to take the handover but due to unavailability of any subordinate in the department they had lackadaisical approach. Although i shared all possible information through email and also promised and helped them thru email post leaving the job. Also for your information i generated more than 24, 20 lacs profit in last two years for the company. I have the promotion and appointment letter which states the salary promises made. 3. is the company liable to pay me incentive for last 3 quarters? 4- can i also ask for annual bonus for pro rata basis for last 6 months? 5- what are the options i have to get the salary and incentive and how long shall i made to take any legal action if required. 6- If company does not provide me revealing letter and other supporting documents what shall i do? regards