Employee security money non refund post resignation

My Name is Hemant. I've worked in NIMS university, Jaipur from March 2013 to June 2014. During my joining as Administrator at NIMS hospital (in campus of NIMS university) a contract form was given to me. Major points of it were: 1. Probation period of one year from date of joining. 2. deduction of 10% from salary on monthly basis. The deducted amount was termed security deposit and which was to be given to employee after completion of one year of term. (Means if if you want to claim that amount you will have to work for one year as bandhua majdoor) 3. Salary of one month will be deducted if resignation is given without notice period of one month in advance or in case of termination of service, one month salary will be given to employee. 4. All cases will be in jaipur jurisdiction only. Now what has happened to me:- 1. i resigned on June 4th 2014 after compliting one year of service(probation period) on 23rd march(Date of joining). 2. I didnt go to the hospital after 4th April and resigned two months later i.e. in June. My resignation was accepted on the grounds that I want go for higher studies i.e. Phd (which actually i dropped and joined another organisation). 3. My salary of March 2013 payable in April was put on hold by verbal order of hospital director.(salary used to given after deduction of 10% security deposit and food and accommodation charges) What I need : 1. I need my salary of month march 2013 in which i have worked on all working days. 2. I need the security deposit of 10% deducted from my salary on monthly basis. I have not been given this amount even after repeated calls to accounts section, HR section and even Chairman and Chancellor of the University. They are still proscastinating even after 6 months of my resignation. they have not even gave me experience certificate. I don't have copy of of my resignation letter which was accepted by the director. Its in the pile of files in accounts section. I am mentally harassed by these people after repeatative arguments. Please help me. I seek justice and need legal help. Regards. Hemant