rental agreement

we have entered into a rental agrement with the tenant about 2 and half years back where the duration was for 11 months and is subject to renewal on mutually agreed terms and conditions with 5% increase every 11 months. The termination of lease clause says 1 month It is a general rental agreement and after the 11 months was not renewed. The tenant got a dog a few months back. We told him he could not keep it as it will disturb other tenant and my father has parkinsons, and the dogs barking could affect his health. So we asked him to vacate after 1 month. He requested a three months time as his daughter studies in a school located opposite my house and so we gave him time. Now it has been 6 months and their behaviour has been getting rude over time with us and our other tenant. They make more noice trying to train the dog and generally creating ruckus. Even our neighbours are frustrated as the area is very calm until they enter the house. Now dog was silent when small but it has started barking louder. The tenant has become very aggressive and rude with my mother and creating problems in car parking area with other tenant's car what solution can you proivde to help relieve us Thank You