Landlord asks to vacate but needs to wait for His date?

I am in Bangalore, My landlord is in Pune. My landlord asked me to vacate the house on 22nd December 2014 ( This was happend on skype video call and I dont have a recording) because they are coming back to this house . All the subsequent calls happend on phone are recorded. There was no written communication yet. They mentioned that they are planing to come to Bangalore in March 2015. But they said its fine with them if I move out early whenever I get a house elsewhere. Now that I got a house from 4th Jan and started giving rent to the new house, I informed the landlord that I will be moving out to that house.Now they are asking me that I need to give them 1 month notice or rent as per the agreement. They are also asking me to get the house painted as per agreement. The house is in really good condition. All these shows how greedy the landlord is and he don't want to loose the rent for 2 months. I have below few questions: 1. Since the landlord asked me to vacate the premise, do I have the freedom to vacate the house whenever I wish within the one month notice period as per agreement or should I wait for his date and pay rent till as he says? 2. Whether the landlord's verbal notice to vacate can be considered legal? 3. Is there any logic that the landlord asking me to give a notice of one month to him since he already asked me to vacate the house? 4. The house painting is in good condition. I used the hose only for 1.5 yrs before which it was painted. Am I obligated to pay for painting when he asks to me to leave?