Does my property is ancestor or separated or self acquired?

1) Mr. bharu get agricultural land from land owner, before 1950.he had only one son ( mr. shripati).after his mr. bharu death his son 2) Mr. shripati get the name in 7/12 extract. after death of Mr.shripati death his single son 2) Mr. sopan get the name in 7/12 extract.sopan died in 1984,he had 4 children (2 son (RAM,SHYAM) & 2 married daughters (MANU & ANJU).but ram & shyam very cleverly put their name on 7/12 at main column (bhogvatdar) & put their sisters name in other rights column of 7/12 . now all four children ram,shyam,manu,anju is died & their children name on 7/ respective their parents name. now their children datu and bapu telling that we(female/daughters predecessor, dosn't have equal right or any right in property. query:- A) Property is ancestor or property loose ancestor value. if partition is demanded by anju & manju predecessor. beacuse it come from. 1) Mr.bharu (male) 2) mr.shripati (male) 3) mr. sopan (male) 4)ram & shyam (males) anju & manju (females) B) how much or how share is defined if it is ancestor property or non-ancestor property.