Mental Harassment and Money Extortion

I got married in 2005 Ambala. I have a daughter with my husband. I was staying away from my husbands family as his father is pervert nature and the whole family talks about sex and money all day. My sister in law had relations with my husband which I got to know after marriage. My sister in law had affairs before marriage with other guys as per my husband. She even ran off with turkish man. My husband along with family have tried all methods of extorting money and they even kept me away from my daughter for first two years when she was born. My father in law is ex-Director health haryana M.D Eye Specialist. My father in law told me that he does not trust my mother-in-law as she was in process of absconding even though she had two kids. My father in law threats that he won't let my sister get married and he will get me electric shock at Psychiatrist hospital owned by his sister. My father -in-law talks about sex all day and he is 73 years old. My father-in-law also threatens me saying that he know Badal of Punjab and he will illiterate me. He told me that he can create up 20 websites in my name for Rs. 100 and Harry or Hardy who owns computer center will help me. After marriage my sister in law would lock the doors from inside and when ask her open the door she would say both her and my husband were watching porn. My father -in-law in absence of my mother-in-law and my husband explained me different sexual positions and he also mimicked the movement too, i complained to my husband and he said his father was making passes at you. After i got married my husband told me that he is not willing to work and he will work just 6 months out of 12 months. My father in law says his sister is BJP senior leader and she will do something about me. At last I have taken restraining order against them and they can't even contact me. But I receive cards from email address [deleted]. My husband even said that he had liking's for his Bhua's daughter who live in US and then he started saying he wants to marry her. I believe all this mental torture. What should I do now? My husband and his sister have stayed at mental hospital atlas for 1 month each. My husband stayed in Canada and his sister in Patiala? They even spread rumor that I had cancer and thyroid which I never had. Please tell what actions should I take such creatures? When my daughter was born my father-in-law and my husband made me forcefully leave the child with my in-laws at Ambala and my father in law told me that when you get 5crore-10crore while working in US then you can come for your daughter. Meanwhile in US my husband threatened me that if I won't apologize then his father will kill my daughter. My father in law would make up the story about the diseases that my daughter was from - skin cancer and that there is missing part in her skull which she never was. All this while my husband was collecting my pay in US and didn't allow my daughter to stay as he said he cannot spend on baby food and diapers. At last he ran from US with 60000 dollars and have the money in icici bank at ambala. My in laws have so far all my jewelry. My mother in law during her visit to kansas shoved in sleeping pills in my mouth and my father in law threatened me that he will kill my daughter and mother. Again they visited US but with full preparation and my husband got admitted in the hospital to get them emergency visa for canada.