Respected sir, my name is amit in year 2012 at the month of june a person who introduced himself as a vegetable dealer but he lie me actually he was an RPF and also tellin me his changed name on that day the asked me that can i intrested in govt job but i replied today there is strong backing need to take govt. Job but they replied they have the backing in railway and asked me are u agree me also replied yes after that they told me to fill up the application form the form was also produced by them to me and told their english hand writting is not good please fill these form then i will fill all three form including me and also they told thete three lac. Will required for this job and also told to write a bond in invalid stamp stamp paper by asking they dont know english fluently so i will right their bonds after 1 hour their group become enlarged and after that they will arrest me and told that they were railway protection force. And take me into the custody before taking me at court they again make frod with me by forcing me they again told me that write the bond which was written on the stamp paper again write on the white paper and also put my signature and also demanding 50000 thousand rupee. My mother is an icds worker and me an student, my father is no more and our financial condition is not good. My mother arrange the amount of money and handed over them. Besides this they again doing fraud with me they take the 50000 amount and charged me 419,468and471. But i m not defaulter they make fraud with me . No today i regularly attend the court now i m getting tired from this case presently i have found onlynone way and that was suicide. Plz guide me what can i do.