Urban Land Ceiling in Hyderabad

Dear Madam/Sir I'm from Hyderabad, Telangana. I have a query regarding Land Ceiling in Hyderabad, so I'm looking for an expert advice like yours. The query goes this way: My Father (aged 60), his two elder brothers & there father (my grandfather) were having land in Hyderabad of which some part was taken by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in ceiling form. Now I came to know that the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has repealed the Act in 2008 (kindly correct me if I’m wrong) & returning the ceiled property to the owners. 1.How to enquire the property is really in ceiling or not? 2.Here my father’s both brothers & my grandfather are not alive, now for whom the government will give this property, whole to my father or equally distribute among four owners. If it is for four owners equally, then other three are not alive then for whom they will give, is it for their children (i.e. sons of my father’s brothers). 3.If it is wholly given to my father then what is the procedure to acquire the property? 4.If it is given to four owners equally then what is the procedure to acquire the property? 5. My father has 4 elder sisters also, so do they have any right to acquire this property, which is in litigation? Kindly advice me your valuable inputs Thanks & Regards, Akhil