Hi Before asking you anything, let me tell you the situation. There was a couple in love, but the girl has got married to some other man. But she continued taking and meeting with his ex-boyfriend. She had already made it clear that nothing can happen now, we can just be a good friend. He said it's okay. But he started threatening her saying "I will tell your husband that we both had a relationship and we still love each other". She started she and her husband were in different cities for their jobs. She started doing whatever he wanted her to do. One day she told everything to her husband. Now he started to threatening her by saying that he will commit suicide if she will not talk/ meet with him and perhaps he has already given a suicidal note to one of his police friend. He keeps telling her that you will be arrested if anything happens to me. He even threatened her saying he will kill her husband (when her husband will come to meet her) if she does anything with her husband. she wants to get rid off him. now she is afraid of getting into the police and court things. My question is if her does anything stupid, will she be interrogated or charged? Can she have a silent complaint against him ? Or what is the best way according to you?