Is gift transfer of property revocable?

Hello Sir/Mam, I am from Punjab and need an expert advice regarding gift transfer of property by mother to her children. About forty years back, my grandmother inherited six and a half acres of rural agricultural land from her mother. My grandmother has two sons and a daughter. Seven years back, she transferred four acres of land to her youngest son( my father) out of love and affection. She gave us more property because we looked after her. Six months ago, she transferred rest of her property as gift to her elder son( my uncle). My uncle turned very jealous on us for having more property compared to him. Few days back, my grandmother died, before her death, she filed a suit against my uncle to revoke gift transferred to him in a sub-district court here. Now my uncle is threatening us that he and his sister( my bhua) will file and suit against us to claim our property( 4 acres). I want to know whether there is any chance that they can have a claim on our property which was tranferred to my father by his mother seven years back? OR Can my father get any claim on the property transferred to my uncle by my grandmother on which she filed a revocation claim before her death? We are her legal representatives. I did ask my lawyer abot this but his answer didnt seem quite satisfactory. I hope I will get a satisfactory answer here. Shall be very thankful!