Apartment handing over

Dear sir, We have 50 flats in our building newly constructed in bangalore. Approval is there only for 48 flats. Apartment has been built on a joint venture bet builder-cum-developer and the land-lord. Land has got a-katha whereas the building has violated rules while construction. Builder says he cannot give OC and CC to the residents. Both builder-cum-developer and the land-lord have one flat each unauthorizedly constructed on the top floor. it is g+4 floors with cellar floor for car parking. So far there are only 17 residents who have occupied the flats. Rest 33 flats are still vacant belonging to builder/land-owner. Builder has collected ST and VAT from the residents by way of chq/cash for which receipts have not been given. They refuse to give receipts. They have collected maintenance charges from the residents for 6 moths at the time of possession. There are many pending issues with the builder and the builder bent upon handing over the building by November end to the residents. we the residents do not have any association to receive. Builder says he can handover to any one resident and from December on wards we have to maintain. Also builder says he will pay for the unoccupied flats the maintenance charges. Builders are bogus people we cannot believe as they have grossly cheated us telling that we will get you a-katha. we came to know now they are number-one cheaters. all the residents are afraid to ask the builder any favour. What shall we do now as the builder is forcing on us to take over by November end. How can we get a-katha, ST and VAT receipts for the payment made by us ? should we have to form an association and register it ? How does the association protect us ? suppose the builder refuses to pay maintenance charges what is the recourse ? How can we force builder to complete the project ? there are many lapses in the construction how to rectify that with the builder who is so adament ?