3 Brothers Of My Father Are Threatning To Leave Property & Shop

He (Naresh Gupta-Working In Sainitary.Nick Name-Neshi Or Ruggal)And His Other 2 Brothers (Rajinder Gupta Aka Raju And Jagdish Aka Babbu) Are My father's Brother.They Had Partitoned The House Without My Father's Permission And Put Walls All Around My House.On The Ground Floor There Is Very Little Or No Sunlight Because He Had Put A Wall Adjacent To My Share Which Is Blocking The Air And Sunlight.They 3 Comes Everyday On My Father's Shop And Threatens Him To Leave The House And Shop Too.They Says They Will Complain To Police And Bribe Them Rs 5000 For Fake Case And Get Me And My Father Locked In Police Station.Also Their Kids Use Abusive Words At Home On Me And My Mother.Wife Of Raju ( Name Bandu) Always Making Clashes In The House And Use Very Abusive Words.They Spread Fake Rumors In The Locality About My Family.Sons Of Babbu (Name-Rakesh Gupta Aka Krafu And Aditya Gupta Aka Brocklu) And Ruggal (Name Hritik Gupta Aka Kaali)Always Sit On Their Terrace And Throw Stones And Other Stuffs In My House And Also On Me And Whenever I Or My mother Comes Out of Room They Laugh Unnecessarily On Us.Wife Of Babbu (Name-Vijay) And Ruggal (Name-Shaloo) Always Says Abusive Words To My Family.Raju Is Some Kind Of Mental Because He Had Already Abused A Women In Public Who Owns Medical Shop In My Locality.Threw Dirty Water In My Room Whose Wall In Near Partitoned Area.Daughter Of Ruggal And Shaloo (Name-Akriti Gupta)Also Says Abusive Words To Me And My Family.Evey 4th Day Of The Month Wife Of Raju (Name bandu)Makes Clashes In My Family By Saying Abuusive Words. Am So Frustrated With It That I Told This To One Of My Neighbour And He Told Me To Register A Complain In Police Station Against Them.No I Have Left With Only This Option (To Complain Against Them In Police).So Please Help Me Which Case Should I File Against Them.And If There Is Any Possiblity Of Getting Compensation From Them To Me?Thank You.