Questions about harrassment

Hello to whom it may concern, I need help! I have separated from my husband bc of an ongoing drug problem after trying to help him I exhausted all options and with emotional abuse I couldn't stay for the sake of me and my daughter. His mother continues to follow me around town and taunt me she takes pictures yells vulgar language to try and get me to react I guess and even a security officer told her to get in her car which she did and then blocked me in. Today she went to far when she came on the property of a State facility which I am a patient of and Took pictures of me on there property and the treatment center in which I am going to so she could basically go to my employer, family who didn't know and friends I guess and run my name in the ground. The security guard and clinical director which were witness to this stated I should be able to file under HIPPA law against the pictures taken and also have a case against her for harassing me and stalking. I am scared I am staying with my parents what should I do to protect myself?