Scamed by website.

Dear Sir, My father is sixty years old and retired. Unfortunately he has lost all his savings in real estate scams. He was conserned about his future even with three of his sons working successfully. For some unknown reason he did not want to depend on us and wanted to work again hence he was seriously seaching for job for the past 6 months. Recently he was contacted via email and phone from one of an india based job website which i do not want to give the name now. Since he is new to this online job searching and desperate to find a job he was scammed again. They have charged him total of Rs.36000 in three installements claiming various reasons like resume forwarding and document verification etc. The last payment he did was on dec 1st of a amonut of Rs.22500 for offer release. After making the payment he was again asked for an amount of Rs.32000 for the same reason. Fortunately i found that he was being scammed and stopped him from proceeding paying any further money and asked him to request of refund. From my understanding he has stoped receiving communication from them after his request for refund. I would like to know what are the possible options we have to get our refund back form this website based organisation. Is there any law in india by which i can sue this company for scamming. I have went through customer complaints portal and have found more people have been scammed by this same website company. We need justice. Appreciate your help and advice. Reagards Haridass.S