Jobs in Railway department

As per the regulations issued by University Grants Commission on 25/11/1985 (No. F1117-/83(CP)) any one wants to join for Graduation course in distance mode without any academic record, has to attain 21 years of age. On 18/10/1995 UGC issued one amendment Notification to reduce the minimum admission age to 18 years, and the same was published in Gazette of India on 02/12/1995. As per this notification all the Universities in our country had reduced the minimum admission age from 21 years to 18 years and lakhs of students are studying in them. But, when Railway Board asked for clarification on considering Graduation certificates pursued in distance mode for employment in Railways, one of the Section of UGC has responded with the guidelines as per the 1985 regulations (i.e. minimum admission age as 21 years). As per that response, who ever joined for Graduation courses after attaining 18 years of age, their certificates are invalid and they are not eligible for employment in Railways. Because of this mis communication, my candidature is being rejected by RRB. Can you please advise on whom should I file a writ and how much charges it may incur (including Lawyer fee).