Respected Sir/Sirs, I'm Vijay singh, residing at Indore (MP). My father (Mr. Sureshh Singh) is residing at Gwalior (MP). last month my father received a phone call from delhi, saying he is calling from Govt of India (which is a clear sign of fraud). The person on phone trapped my father by promising to give some LIC bonus of around 1.5 lacs Rs, for which my father had to pay around 13 thousands Rs. My father paid this amount without telling us anything about all these things. Later on that person called him again and increased the bonus amount to 18 lacs and demanded to pay around 2.5 lacs. At this time we came to know about this and we explained him this is all fraud and he should not entertain such calls. My father again paid this amount without telling us. We tried everything to explain and convince him that he is being cheated and he should go to police, But he blindly believes on those people. Later on we came to know about some other things that there are 4 people who call my father one of them says he is an Income Tax officer and will do something against my father if he does not pay the money as income tax. Basically they are threatening my father for money. So far he has paid 7 lacs and has been arranging for more. He is not listening to anyone that they are fraud. He is suffering from hypertension and is feared too. In this concern I want to know that Can I (being a son) file an FIR or case? and Can the FIR or case be filled at Indore as I won't be able to stay long at gwalior for further legal action. For evidence I have a phone call recording in which he is saying he is from Govt of India and asking for money and I may manage to produce the a/c statement of my father from which the money is being transferred by cheque. The money is being transferred in the name of "family tours pvt ltd", "infinity life" etc. I hope I could explain you about my situation so please reply me at the earliest with your valuable advice.