Dear Sir/Ma'am, I am continuously getting mentally harassed by my wife and in-laws from more than one a year. Our arrange marriage took place in May 2013 with some false information by the middle man, who was so trustworthy to our family that we never think about any usual background check of her family etc. Just after 20th day of marriage she has been creating daily mess in our every day life. mentally in-compatible with me and my thoughts, telling lie, backbiting, not doing daily household tasks, shouting, superstitious, great actor and is not interested anymore in me or my family. After observing her nature we have started to make enquiry about her and her family in her maternal village and as per feedback from her own maternal and paternal relative and village people, she and her family does not bear a moral character and not fo co-operative nature with other people and real relatives as well. Simply can sat that her maternal family is just an educated but illiterate orthodox dominating always ready to shout and make quarrel and wants me to be get separated from my parents and live separately (that her elder sister has also done and she is also living separately) and no contact with the society. She has beaten my mother also and put fake allegation on us for dowry and domestic violence in Village panchayat. I am living out of town in Chandigarh for job and visits home town fortnightly. Her behavior towards me is also not good. we do not have any relation with her from past 17 months. I have tried all means of settling it but did not work out and I remained silent knowing the truth and was just waiting and trying, in vain, to adjust between marriage but things were getting worst day-by-day. Our financial condition is not that good, and i am only earning member in the family. She always and continuously threatens my parents that she will file a complaint and see them, this is what she did. According to her i have never given her any pocket money or all other thing for daily use etc. Her parents always supports her for doing all these things. Her father is Ex- Govt. employee and she also taking advantage of this. Her father always said openly that they can do anything as they have money. Her brother threatens me on call and has sent message on my cell also. Right now she is at her maternal home from 14 Nov. 2014. After 1.5 years of unsuccessful marriage and continuous trails of compromise, the situation has been out of control now and i am helpless to say that i can not continue this marriage in any condition. I am not going to do this with some bad intention but the only sole reason of this decision is to have good environment for both the families and independence from him. I also want to leave this unsettled as it is...but my well-wishers has advised me that after few years she may file another fake case for anything being a WOMAN one fine morning which may put me and my family under trauma and legal procedures that would leads to wastage of both time and my hard earned money. Please suggest something in this regard as i am under critical mental stress and its effecting my job performance also. Regards, Rohit Kumar