physical harassment from sister

my sister is physically harassing me,this is not the first time she beated me,my parents are not helping me.what should i do.if i register a complaint will u arest her,shez scratching her neck and hands and trying to project that i hurted her which i hadnt and warning me if i complaint on her she will show those wounds and complaint on me saying that i hurted her which is fake.shez not even feeling sorry or regretting for harassing me,shez only scared that i will complaint on her and she might end up in station.even bfr this i came into her words and forgived her even after she beated me,but today i understood she will never regret or feel bad that she did wrong shez just trying to escape punishment so falsely making allegations on me that i hurted her where as the truth is she always hurts me physically and harasses me thn just says that its not her fault and all my fault and scratches her hands to show everyone that i hurted her and im fedup of these abuses now.if i dont fight back or help myself now these abuses will never end.plz advice me what to do.i just want to know how to protect myself from these abuses.i didnt decide yet whether i should complaint on her or not,i even have pics with me whiich clearly shows the wounds i got when she beated me,plz advice me what to do.