sons right on forefather property

Sir, my grandfather left some agri land which he got from his father on my father and uncle name which came to my father name as per his right (1/2)..around 10 year back lal dora was extended and we got 1/2 of the agri land inside lal dora and it has been rented was getting divided b/w me, my father and brother but now my father doesnt want to divide rent and want to keep all family member away from it due to his personal issue and keeps threatening us to vacent house which on same land...when we ask for our share from property he clearly denies for it and says he can do anything watever he want to his property he can sell it as its in his name Sir what is my right on property and can it be divided with the help of law..i dont want to come in open if there is any chance of loosing as we still have some chance that he may leave his bad habits and things come normal but possibilit is very less Pls suggest wat is the chance of getting property divided b/w father, brother, mother and father and if we go legal can he still continue enjoying rent or can sell out without our information And in case we get our right do we need to pay registry charge for transfer of property