Gift deed

I purchased a property in the year 2003 from one Mr Balraj and he inturn purchased the same from one lady Ms Saraswathi in the year 2002. Saraswathi had 5 sisters and 1 brother and her father on who name the property was registered died intestate in the year 1982. After his death the property was looked after by his wife and in the year 1996 she gifted the property to Saraswathi by a registered Gift deed . The decision of gifting the property to Saraswathi was mutual among the family as she was the only daughter who was not married at that time and she was only taking care the mother. Subsequently the mother also died in 2009 . Now with the property value going up one of the sister had become greedy and filled a case against Saraswathi for partition.The case is against Saraswathi ,Balraj and me . Balraj also died in the year 2004. Can some one claim for a partition after 32yrs of death of his father or after 5 yrs of death of there mother or after 18 yrs when the Gift deed was made. The Gift deed is registered in a sub registrar office and all the municipal tax / elec bill / water bill etc was in the name of Saraswathi. Request confirm can we proceed to construct our house in this property or it would complicate the situation. How strong is the case to our side.