Non-payment of salary by a consultancy firm

Hi, In March 2014, i got a job offer from a consultancy firm from Chennai to work with TCS, and i also had a discussion with Management of TCS as well as that consultancy firm , and they ensured to me that for initial period of 2-4 months i will be required to work as a contractor in TCS and post that i will get a direct employment from TCS. Considering the promises and the seniority level of the manager of TCS, i took a risk in my carreer and joined TCS as a contractor. (Prior to this i was having more than 7 years of experience working in IT industry and having a very much stable job) I reported to TCS on said date. after 15-20 days of joining , i got to know that the project for which they hired me is getting delayed, and so TCS management was unable to provide me reporting codes to fill the timesheets , which are required for billing of contracted employees. I talked with my manager in TCS and consultancy firm and they assured me that i dont need to worry about it and they will get it done. But day by day i realized that they are not able to get the payment processed for me. Suddenly after 35-40 days, my profile from TCS portal got disabled and i came to know that TCS has cancelled my contract without any prior notice to me. I am not sure whether consultancy firm was aware about it or not. I kept on chasing them but could not get any proper answer and one fine day they told me that i should try outside. they risked my career and dint pay me salary for 2 months. Till date i am chasing them but not getting any fruitful answer. I am trying to look for a legal advice on this. I am having Offer letter / Experience letter from consultancy firm and also having my identity card references from TCS which proves that I joined TCS via this consultancy firm. Manager from TCS is still saying me that he is trying to get my payment done , but i am not sure whether it will happen or not. Management from Chennai consultancy firm is not ready to take any ownership for the payment, they are just saying that they can not help unless TCS approves the payment.