Neighbour troubling tenant...pls HELP

I have rented a flat in Amboli, andheri west, while taking the flat nor the landlord nor my broker told me that they had troubling neighbours, i gave 17500 brokerage, 10000 shifting and i changed the floor and carpentry for about 15000 rs., i am an architect and my current project is in Dehradun so i stay in dehradun for 25-30 days and i come back to mumbai for 7 days, and my wife and son who is 2 years old stay alone, and since the day i shifted i started facing problems from three senior old age people staying below my flat, they are all aged above 55 and not married two brothers and one sister, they have been shouting from down even when my two year kid is playing and abusing from down and coming to my door for even the slightest noice be it utensils, washing clothes, or watching tv,. my wife and son are harrassed and going through mental torture, i told my landlord and the building people and came to know that it was their habbit and they had harrassed the earlier two neighbours in same way, and they had to leave the house and shift, i had a meeting with secretary and chairman, my landlord and the three brother sister, but finally no use and then everyone told me to ignore them and dont listen to them, now twice my sister in law was at my place and her son who is 3 years old were here, and they started abusing them and us and made it even more difficult to live, my land lord is saying if you can shift it would be better and i have signed a 2 year agreement with her, i have put almost 50,000 bucks and i dont want to shift and live peacefully, all means of settelment have been tried pls advise and help me as i am sitting here in dehradun and my family is going through mental torture .... pls pls help