Hello, My husband used to beat me and my mother-in-law also used to abuse me when I got married my in-laws had very bad behaviour towards me. 1. In marriage they took a lot of money but this was given to them in cash. 2. My husband didn't had any emotional attachment with me. 3. After 6 months of marriage I came back to my parental home. 4. and now they have filled a case in family court saying that they are calling me but I am not going to them. 5. My husband is in central government job and the day when i left the home he was there and he has beaten me a lot. But now when the case is in progress he is telling a lie that he was in office.But we had a train reservation where he accompanied me to my in-laws home but this ticket was from ticket counter so I don't have the proof. Everything is going against me and my family is not able to do anything. Please advice what should be done and how he can be punished for all the wrong he did to me. I don't want to stay with him anymore and also I want all the money which my family gave to him in marriage. Regards, Sonia