Request for Advice on Vanikaran Zone Land - Purchase and Sale.

Dear All, We have been facing issues related to Purchase and Sale of land in "Vanikaran Zone" and requiring some help on the same. We are a group based out of Pune and are looking to invest in farmhouse plots in a scheme in Bhor (Kurunji Village). We had the deal almost finalized when one of the members of the group raised an objection that the land that we are looking to Purchase is in Vanikaran zone ( as per search report and 7/12 Extract) and his lawyer is saying that according to Forest Act of 1975, this kind of land cannot be purchased or sold whereas our legal counselors have said that there is no problem is such a purchase except that the FSI is only 0.4. We are looking to purchase 4-5 plots of 11000 sqft each in the scheme. Since we are stuck with this problem, our group member says that he is willing to go ahead if there is some documentation which clearly says that Purchase and Sale of such land is permissible by law. Because of him others in the group are also asking for the same. Our lawyers have not been able to help us in this regard with any documentation in this regards although they maintain we can go ahead with the purchase. I tried to find information on the same online but couldn't find anything. Appreciate if you could help throw light on the matter stated above and help us on the above issue with your expert advice.