False Domestic violence

Hello Sir, I am writing this issue because of all miserable times I am passing through.I got married in 2006 and having 6 year old son.My wife stayed with me around 2 and half year and then once my son was born she stayed at her mother's place for one year.She came bact to my house in Bangalore C(where she use to work) and then again went at her brother's marriage.After that she did not come to my house in Bangalore.During these times I use to pay her 25-30 K per month as house expenditure which she used to demand with me.(which I have statement).She had always problem with my parent and never allowed,my son(on the direction of her mother) to visit my parent house(in Varanasi).Once I went to my in law's house(in Varanasi) t asking that I want my son to meet my parent.She did not allowed, we had some argument.After that I stopped pay money to her and her father as well.(this happened in oct 2013). Recently I sent a legal notice to her asking her to come back my house (Bangalore) for that notice she filed domestic violence case against me. Please advice me suitable how to come over this situation.