Fradulent behaviour from the section of the authority

I am an assistant teacher in profession in a high school. There are only 2 life science teachers in day section., me and other one.In the session 2014-15, the authority make a routine for the teaches where classes are distributed unequally. First,they give me 21 classes/week and to other teacher only 4/week.After my protest they give me 22 classes/ week and to the other teacher 14/week out of which 4 classes(class 11, science)are ghost classes because there are no such classes exists in the real world .For your kind information, there are not a single science student in the session 2014-15.The authority only put these classes to routine for entire session to increase the number of classes for this particular teacher.So, this teacher is only assigned with only 10 classes/ week and 4 fraudulent classes for entire session. I think there is a gross violation of equality before law which is a fundamental right for everyone and also a cheating with the government documents. Some section of the powerful school authority give protective umbrella to him and misusing there power. I have every proof/photo copy of this drama.So I want to know if i go to court to protect my right which section of rules are applicable to these miscreants.Is Section 415 of IPC is applicable to them? May i file a case directly to high court against them?