Widow property matter.

Hello Sir, My mother is widow.We are 3 adult children.. 2 boys and one sister married.My father passed away in 2008 we all children are married.Now My younger brother wife asking the property which comprising the house which made by my parents and 2 plote also purchased by my parents.now after my father death the all this property transferred to my mother and three children's name by varsai.(name in Property card.) so.because of my younger brother's .wife harassment to my mother,my mother's living in rent house.she left this house.she wants to kicked them out from the home which they made with my father. my question is that with the new law for the parents here my case is the widow mother does she had a right to strike out the name of all children from the property card which they made with their money in the absence of my father? my brother and me have not any issue.but because of the my younger brother wife everyday quarreling we need proper guidance. please tell proper action to do. Thank you..