First wife rights

Good Day, I am staying in gulf due to some circumstances created by my first wife 2 years back I have married 2nd wife and was keeping my second wife with me and maintaining my first wife and two children's at my parents house. Plus to be noted that I kept my first wife for more than two years and have one of our child in Gulf,whilst due to her deceiving action alleged false action though police to keep her in India though there was some mistakes from my end but the action she has taken through police was very cumbersome that determine me to not let her come again with me to gulf. Now I suppose my first wife has come to know about the situation and she went to her parents with my children and demanding me to come over there I look for your advice plus i don't want to leave my first wife from my end and also not let her come to me in gulf i have visited two times in a year. Though she is running her own will my parents are been threatened by her parents unnecessarily i wish you can provide some solution and advice and any course of action. Regards, Mohammed Ali