About Snapdeal

Hi, I was looking to buy a DSLR Camera, Nikon D5300 to be particular, and I used to check the prices on-line regularly. On Nov-29th 2014, I saw a deal on Snapdeal, Nikon D5300 DSLR for INR-11800/- only. This model usually costs around 44000 and above(with different combinations of lenses.). I ordered for it immediately in one of my friends Bangalore address(Cash on Delivery). First they said it will be despatched by 3rd of Dec, and then they postponed it to 8th of DEC. But on 8th Dec, they cancelled the order by themselves, stating there is no stock with them. But they are still taking orders for the same item, and by the same seller. I asked them about this, send 3 or 4 mails, but their only reply was "sorry for your inconvenience". I really would like like to act against this cheating. Even though I didn't pay any money, it caused me great pain. I was longing to buy this camera, and they baited me with an irresistible deal, made me make some effort and arrangements, and they cancelled it with out any proper reason or explanation(If there is no stock, why are they taking more orders). Also if I have paid the money it would take many more days to get it back. I avoided another offer to buy this camera, a used one though, for INR-30000/-, and now its gone too. This has caused me great mental pain. Please advice me what can be done about this. I am willing to file a case against this cheating. Thanks, Sisir.P.A Calicut, Kerala. Ph-[deleted]