Training charges in employment

Hi, I had given a undated cheque of 1 lakh to my employer as a guarantee for 2 year bond to serve the company at the time of joining.I had signed that bond in desperation and unfamiliarity to harsh techniques of private companies to force bonded labour. The bond i signed mostly contains and focuses on points of training expenditure caused to company on me for which i am liable to serve the company at least 24 months to get waive off this training cost, which is total rubbish as they have not given any recognition training to me for which they can charge me but i do not proof it because i have signed the bond.I was working in a software company and left it around 1 and half year after due to my family problem and unable to continue to work in that city.They had also signed me a receiving letter containing cheque no and and declaring that i have given cheque in regard as training cost.I have not given resign as i was knowing that they are not going to release my experience letter any how and also i am not working any where else only i am currently stayed at my home town with my family. Now i am feeling that they are going to proceed to in cash my given cheque due to there rigorous calls and making me aware of my liability each time and showing zero sensitivity to my circumstances. As they are total engaged in unethical practices to make bonded labour work by molding the law i would like to know your kind suggestion what should i do in this situation??? 1. should i put a stop pay raise on that cheque from bank? 2.should i file case of exploitation in labour court and what are chances of being it in my favour? 3.or i do not have any option and should settle down there claim by paying them and accept my destiny??? 4.Any other suggestion from your side?? It will be great help to take right decision by getting your expert opinion. Thanks N Chandra