will i get any offence

Dear sir.i m preparing for upsc.i m n a problem.pls give me a solution. I know a malaysian lady her name is shera.i contacted her for a job.inorder to please her i helped her.we became friends.she cheated some 3 guys.those 3 guys gave a complaint on her for cheating.but those guys also involved my name since they cant find her .they know i m her friend and they filed a complaint in local police station stating that if they enquire me they can find shera.but i m not involved in any transaction.i m upset cant able to focus on upsc.wat can i do next to get out of dis situation.pls resolve at d earliest.they gave complaint. No fir.no chargesheet.wat will be their next move.my dad said to police dat my son is just a friend he doesn't know anything.those guys called me one day i shouted nd in anger i said she s with me do wat ever possible.they recorded dat as a evidence nd gave it to police.rt now she s n my friends home safe nd next week she ll leave to malaysia.my parents asked me do u know wr she is...i said that she s staying in a star hotel with her brother..evrryday we talk n mobile.will they trace d call.