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'Please,I want you to study this case and guide me the better paths through which i can take action on the university for the harassment.I have already written letters but till date no reply has been received. _______________________________________________________________ Now my latest Reasons for the harassment are as follow:- (a) The latest reason for the harassment is that my result was not declared till 9th November 2014 ,unless and until I have to writes many letters, I have to made visiting Ignou offices and also visiting to the pro chancellor office with my own parents. (b) In the first instance they were not getting my answer sheet for the subject MCSE-004, they were also not sure that I had given the same paper and they doubted me, this was biggest humiliation to me, instead of declaring my result, they have put all the allegation on me .For proving myself I have to revisit the exam centre Bharti Public School, Swasthaya Vihar for my attendance records. (c) Suddenly after 2-3 days i.e. on 10/10/2014 my result was declared on Ignou website with 1 week back date and 12 marks was given to me .Again surprising .After 3 days on 13/10/2014, the same information was also conveyed to me through the phone number “+911129535*** from Maidan Garhi Centre .Its unfavourable for me that I received such a low marks although I attempted a very good paper, I did best and also taken 4 extra sheets along with previous sheet and it’s the 4th times I am giving the same paper. (d) My revaluation result now was declared actually on 8th Dec 2014 and showing that its updated on server on 5th Dec 2014.It’s release on the time when exams are actually started and going on ,where only 5-6 days are left for the same paper exam, It’s clear that I have been kept on the waiting unnecessarily (e) I have wasted my career and my precious 2 years for giving the same paper again and again for the subject MCSE-004, due to the different attitude adopted to harass me. Now many Questions arise in above case:- (A) When it was 12 marks then why it was not declared along with all the students’ marks on the same Day i.e. 16 August 2014 .Why I been harassed and kept for the 3months unless and until, I have to take action by own and visit Maidain Garhi centre with my parents in the end of September. It’s was like begging like a beggar for releasing the marks. This was seen to be clear cut intention for harassment. (B) Through above process, It’s seem and clear to me that Ignou records are not maintained for the examination .Which is total ignorance on the part of taking exams. As in first instance they doubted me that I have not given the exam and second, I have to extract attendance slip from previous exam centre hall and was produced same to them for proving that I had given exam. On basis of the attendance record on the same day, they simply told me that you got 12 marks. When I showed grievances. They ask me further to pay and go for the revaluation process and on re-examine paper they now provide me only ‘1’marks. From the above it appears that the matter are rotating as per their wish. (C) First I have been informed that my paper with extra 4 sheets are misplaced by them, then on providing evidence for the presence in the exam they suddenly shown 12 marks, Now it is the matter to be examined. (D) It’s a matter of great strange that on re-examination of the paper, they put only 1 number, whereas earlier my same paper was having 12 marks in it. If this is the criteria of rechecking then the paper of other students who has given on this June 2014 may be please rechecked. This can revealed that the same student who has passed may be declared failed in rechecking. (E) Furthermost after successful completion of B.C.A i.e. my graduation ,on requesting many times also, still my original certificate are not handed to me as it’s supposed to be. Earlier other bad circumstance that happened with me:- (A) On 1/May/2013 again action taken from my side and Email was sent for the Exams Dec 2012, my revaluation result was not declared for 4 months and on the back of revaluation form, it’s clearly written that it will declare soon after one month. (B) On 20/May/2013 Email was again sent for the matter that after realising result also there was no change of same marks for many days on my Grade card. (C) My 3rd reason was to make an emergency visit to your Maidan Garhi centre because of an error by the revaluation system. (D) I had wasted 2 years for giving the Mcse-004 subject paper again and again i.e.4 times now Whereas:- (a) On 1st attempt, for Dec 2012 I got 32 marks (photocopy shows many unchecked answers, soon it was E-mailed and applies for revaluation but at the end nothing comes up and also no reply received for the Email. (b) For the Dec Exam 2012 again email was sent on May 20, 2013 because my revaluation result for Mcse-004 was now not declared for the 4 months and whereas revaluation documentation shows that it will declare soon after one month. (c) On 2nd attempt, for June 2013, I was totally shocked that I received only 12 marks (Again same story, they were many unchecked answer, again applies for the revaluation and Email regarding unchecked answers on Oct 25, 2013. (To: - [deleted] and [deleted] ) (e) On 3rd attempt of Mcse-004, now i got 24 marks only, I want to point Sir for the same paper i.e. CS-71 in \'Bca \' I got 57 out of 75\' marks .Which is above the average and good marks and CS-71 having 80% of same topics as in Mcse-004, how can I get failed again and again with such a low marks? (f) Now on 8th October 2014, my result for Mcse-004 was still on the waiting queue to be declared. Whereas others result declared before the 16th Aug 2014. (g) 4th attempt, I received again 12 marks only and in revaluation it comes to only 1 marks Now it remain mystery for me that we should opt for revaluation system of Ignou. It’s very much clear from all the above circumstances that I am specially targeted from 2 years for which I was forced to write this matter to his highness to bring all points to the notice, which has taken so far so that the real matter can be ascertained. Which seem to be strongly challenging me and to the system of Education Indian law and they wish they will do anything, which also shows that they are bossing around and are also liable to many indictable offenses .I don\'t know why all these things happened and on who’s command but due to all these harassment my career has been spoiled for my whole life. _____________________________________________________________ Now on above matter there are many question on which i believe ,action is to be taken Like if my earlier marks were 12 then how come i got only 1 marks in revaluation .I have filled 45 pages of answer sheet and attempted many can they provide me only 1 marks and also why only my result is made me to wait for so long