Transfer RCR case to wife home town

Dear Lawyers, I have filed my case in my home town i.e. Kalyan for RCR. Marriage duration: 5 yrs (My wife left house since 1 and half year) .Not ready to come back and demanding huge amounts - all my life savings which I cannot pay for divorce. She did not appear in first 3 court dates and now on the fourth date she hired a lawyer and replied to court that we have filed petition to transfer this case to Jaipur. Marriage place is Kalyan and she was living with me for 4 yrs. Her Nanihal place is also kalyan(her two mama's stay in Kalyan through whom marriage was arranged). No children and currently she is working(but don't have proof for the same also she started studying). She may give security reasons that she cannot travel or false allegations rite that we are threatening to her which is common. I am a working professional in Mumbai and would be difficult to go to Jaipur every month whereas my wife can do the same. I am not able to concentrate and focus on my work already due to marriage disputes. 1. Please advice what points or what should be our reply to her notice from Supreme court for transfer of case. I want to ensure our reply is strong enough that Supreme court does not transfer the case to Jaipur. 2. Do we need to hire separate Supreme court lawyer on this transfer petition apart from my lawyer here in Kalyan(Mumbai) who has filed RCR in family court? It may be costlier to do so. Pls guide on this and is it mandatory to appear in SC also for the same. Thanks for your feedback and hep in this regard in advance. Kindly help.