Non Renewal of Monster recruiter id

Hi. I have taken a monster recruiter login id with an intent to start recruitment service. We agreed upon an annual package in which the payment had to be made every quarter. We continued for 2 quarters renewing our services, in time, hoping to get some clients & being able to sustain. However we were not able to find any clients to start our recruitment consultancy and hence cannot go further. We have written to monster with this regard informing them about the situation and requesting them not to renew our services for next two quarters. Now they say that whether you continue or not you have to make payments for next 2 quarters also as they will not allow the exit as they say that there is no exit clause. We have tried telling them that we were at a very nascent stage and all the investment was been made out of our own pockets assuming that we would be able to get at least few clients so that we could take off and meet our future expenses, but as we were not able to get any clients we could not continue further. We have informed them through mail about this but got no response and yesterday only we were told that even if you are not in a position to continue further, you have to make the next 2 payments. Please advise what to do.