I want a legal opinion

Sir,Iam Anup from trivandrum,kerala.iam an MBA graduate from London,for that I took an education loan since 2009.In 2014 I got married without the conscent of my parents.when I was in London I had regularly remitted the interest amount to the bank.i returned back from London in 2013.and I didn't get a good job here ,so my loan interest if some months is in penting now..now the bank manager said that they will go for to take over my house and property.house and the property pledged in the bank is belongs to my mother.after my marriage they fully avoided me and my wife,my parents told me that I can come to their house at any time without my wife.i tried my level best to join my family with my wife.my wife is well educated ,but financially not well as my parents .my parents always forcing me to remit the loan,but now I have a small job and my salary is not much good to remit even the interest of the loan.my mother has a good house and 1 acre land(selling price is 1 lakh/cent)and my father has 35 cent property(selling price is 3lakhs /cent) I told my parents that please sell 10 cent propery for me to resolve that loan .loan amout with interest is 12 lakhs rupee.but they are not ready for that,they always threatening me to remit the loan.i want to know in this situation can I file a case to get my share from my parents ,then I can solve this loan proplem.please help me.