mental harrassment by mother in law

Ma'm/Sir, I have been married for almost two years now [will be two full years on 14th January,2015]. After marriage, I have been residing out of India with my husband and his parents. My mother-in-law has been mentally harassing me from the first day itself. Initially, it was mild, taunts and general rudeness, but now it has escalated to unbearable levels. Taunts about my looks, clothes, character. She is insecure about me being more popular than her and behaves as if my ego needs to be deflated. I have never retaliated, since I was hoping not retaliating would eventually put her at ease and help her accept me. I had not even told my husband or my mother to avoid worrying them. I had become a nervous wreck, lost all motivation or will to live, developed severe migraines. I returned back to my mother's home in India in August of this year, and was diagnosed as severely depressed. I have been taking psychiatric medicines for the last few months. My husband and I get along well with each other. Both of us would like to make this work. My family suggested that we shift out to another house, but they [parents-in-law] are standing in the way. They have also been calling and abusing my family. Now their position is, if my mother can raise 1,00,000 dirhams to pay for a separate house, then she can go and drop me back there.My parents-in-law have not met my mother after the marriage even once, and since they are in a different country, it is difficult for my mother or my relatives to try to help. We are not well-off. Now they are not even picking up phone calls. I do not want to cause them legal harm, or hurt my husband in any way, but is there anything we can do to ensure I can be protected if/when I go back? Is there any way to ensure they will at least come for a meeting with my mother [and maybe a relative, if anyone can come with us there], in the presence of a witness? My mother has spoken to our bishop here, and also to their priest in Dubai. They are both willing to mediate. I am sorry if this is not a clear request, but I am hoping for some guidance.