Claim for agricultural income.

Hello sir, The question is regarding agricultral income dispute. My father and my uncle owns 32 acres of agricultural land. It is registered under my grand father's name. Unfortunately, my grand father demsied and the property is still registered under his name. We had to build a new house for both the families. It was decided that my father was assigned to supervise new construction whereas due to my uncle's medical condition(heart attack) he selected to take care of 32 acres. After every year my father asked for his part of the total income. My uncle said that there was loss and this continued for 6 years. Till date my father has all the written records of material and other expenses that went into building our new home. Whenever my father asks uncle for the diary( in which all the details of income and expenses of agriculture) is written, he doesnt give us. He has kept all the profits of six years by himself. He did't give us any part of the profit made in last six years. Whereas the people of our village made profits and none of them incurred any loss. My father then decided to take care of his part of land(16 acres) In the seventh year my father made a profit of 7 lakh. Can i get our part of profit for those six years? My uncle decieved us and can we get compensation for this?