Threatening to disconnect water supply

I have a house in mugappair that i have let for rent .The apartment is currently being maintained by an association.6 months back the association decided to paint the building for which it informed our tenant about the same .But Just 2 months back they have informed us that our due date for the payment is over and have demanded an immediate payment of 20,000.I asked them for one more month time and meanwhile they have been calling us everyday and tortured me for immediate payment failing of which they wil disconnect the water supply .I have been regularly paying the maintenance amout and last month they refused to recieve that.I have given a written letter to the president asking for time and condemned them for the threaten of disconnecting water supply.Out of the maintenance amout that we pay , they buy drinking water from outside and supplying us through our tank.Today i recieved a letter , that if i dont pay the money immediately , they wil stop all association services to us , including water supply . I want to know if association can stop basic amenities like water for the delayed payment of luxurious needs like painting .Pls advice me with specific section nunmber if this sort of threatening is prohibted .