I need help regarding future of my marriage

I am a 30 year old guy, basically from UP. My marriage had been done in 2009, since then we(I and my wife) living together. In July 2012, my wife get pregnant with several treatments. In April 2013, she got surgery baby born. During surgery she developed breathlessness and went in to coma, also she gave birth of boy baby. we rushed to another big hospital i.e Fortis, for further treatment. In Fortis she recovered from coma recovered, I beard all 2 month expenditure of hospitalisation. At the time she released from hospital, her condition is good except incapable of self walking, hallucination, and anger with me and my family. In June 2013, I consulted other doctors too in Delhi. In July 2014 her parents took her from me and my house with baby. Since July 2014, I continuously trying to get back and restart her treatment here in Delhi, but her parents refused every time. They just saying until she will better or child can get age to care her, they will not send. Her condition become worse she cant even want to see me, if I tries to chat she refused. Although she recognise me. She also does not love her baby. Now I want suggestion on these points. Firstly I want better treatment if possible and want to live with her so I can enjoy my family life. Secondly if treatment is not possible would I eligible for divorce and custody of my child. Please help me, I am getting too much depression with this point of view. In all these circumstances I loose my business, my carrier... credit cards and other several liabilities come after these incidents. Please suggest what should I do, either go for reinstitution of marriage or go for divorce?