she can claim for marriage?

Sirs/Madam, I’m a male from Coimbatore-tamilnadu, born on 15.05.1990, I am working in chennai... I know a girl from December 2012 at Coimbatore near my native village, she born on 12.08.1995….. Her mother occupied me and my thoughts and involved me in her daughter’s life so we started to love(her father opposes it from initial itself)…. On 01.06.2013 she wanted to write medical entrance so I helped they both to come to Chennai and stay for a day and to write and go back….during that one day her mother has compelled me to take a photo with her daughter just standing nearby….(no Hindu rituals, or anything)…. She presented 2 rings one for me and another for her daughter….(compulsion)…. All these happened on and before 02.06.2013….. Note : She completes 18 years old on 12.08.2013 But on 02.09.2013 due to problems arisen, big fight has come between families and her father called police… police came and separated us, and orally advised not to meet or talk 3 witness are there…… After a day also that lady (mother) tried to talk to me and texted…. I sent a massage simply “don’t talk, SI and CID has advised already, I didn’t cheat any one.” I lost the ring somewhere, may be during the fight at their home itself…. She was asking for the money and the ring she gave to me… so my father sent my uncle to their home returned back her photo and everything…. I have given lot of books but she didn’t give back anything…. She told like I don’t have any photos like that……she is having following things : The messages which I sent to her daughter (between December 2012 to 02.09.2013)….. After 2013 Im not visiting my native also, now I have a plan to go there and settle…. Now I’m worried, In future she may claim to marry her… Please advise me on this….