Sale Agreement Advance Claim

Dear Sir , I (Purchaser) was made a Sale agreement (“Unregistered” and documented in “Twenty Rupees INDIA NON JUNDICAL Stamp paper “ ) to buy a plot at Coimbatore and unfortunately I was failed to register the pilot as per agreement due to some critical financial situation. And the agreement period is completed on 15th September 13 Itself. Also the agreement contains the sentence “ The Purchaser fail to get the transaction completed at his own cost within the stipulated time he shall forfeit the advance paid by him this day and he shall no claim whatever in any manner under this agreement “ As per Law Can I Claim the Advance paid?. The details of agreement given below Agreement Date : 15th July 2013 Agreement End date : 15th September 2013 Advance Paid : One Lakh Rupees only Total Value of Property : Eighteen lakh and fifty thousand rupees as per Agreement Document Type : UN RIGISTERED Documented In : “TWENTY RUPEES INDIA NON JUNDICAL STAMP PAPER “